Mobile CRM in 3 days



In a pragmatical and interactive way, we will guide you through the implementation process from your mobile app. Our procedure is based on the Microsfot Sure Step methodology, compressed in a 3-day sprint. No heavy analyses or weighty documents! Our energy goes into configuring & exploring together as we go, preparing you for the actual field work.

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Overview Training

During this interactive training, we show you the possibilities od Mobile CRM. These meetings will lead to a deep understanding of how all functionalities can support your sales-process.


In the ‘tuning’ session, we’ll configure necessary changes on the spot, with our standard configuration tools. This way, you can validate changes and re-adjust wherever needed. Together, we’ll make a selection of the essential functionalities, distinguishing “need to haves” from “nice to haves”.


This is where we discuss what are the necessary data to have in your mobile CRM app. It’s crucial to make sure no redundant data is on the app, so performance of the app is optimised and no distractions are on it.


You now have an app, configured to your business needs with all relevant but essential data on it. Go ahead and play around to your heart’s desire!


Once the app is ready for usage in the field, it’s time to train the team. You have already mastered the basics of the app and should be comfortable to present it alongside us to your team. Of course, it’s entirely possible you now feel more than ready to give the training yourself, no help from Avento needed!

And Go!

During this last session, we can provide you with numerous useful “tips & tricks”. Your team is now instructed and ready to go into the field, armed with a great new tool. You have access to various functionalities to track the activities of the team, analyse their progress and reach new goals!

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