About Avento

About Avento

Making sure that you and your employees can work anytime, anywhere, simply, just as efficiently and rapidly as at the office: that is our job.

Getting users away from their desks and deploying them in the field, where they can get a flawless feel for the customer’s needs.

To make this work, we bring high-performance mobile IT solutions that can be used both online and offline to the market. In the field is where things are happening and where people feel at home.

We want our tools to accelerate your sales, marketing, merchandising, franchising, stock management, maintenance, inspection and to guide you through the digital transformation. We assist you with our specialised software on your way to a digital future in sectors like FMCG, textile, industry and logistics. Our tools enable you to acquire a leading position in the market or retain it and successfully expand it further.

Since we recognise the impact of a CRM system, we assist our customers with advanced support and supervision. That way you and your employees also start using our tools effectively, we achieve 100% adoption together and exceptional results are within your reach. We show you the way, overcome objections and possible fear, and ensure that resistance melts like snow in summer. That’s how we create enthusiasm: a sure path to success. Our customers, fearless and full of self-confidence, can handle the digital future!

Our vision


Fearless leading in the field

Getting people out from behind their desks, where by nature they are not at home, and enabling them to communicate and be active in the field in their natural habitat, wireless and unencumbered. Unconnected if possible, but connected and completely informed if necessary: that, in a nutshell, is our vision.

Enabling people to communicate and to operate where they feel most at home and can engage in interaction effectively.

We want to achieve that by helping you and your employees get on track fearlessly with our CRM tools and take 100% advantage of the possibilities. Advanced support and unprecedented engagement are paramount in our functioning and vision. Only in this way can optimum results be achieved to pursue and solidify your position as a leader.

Our goal is to understand our customer and its business, and to provide suitable solutions. Our CRM solutions should give you all the tools possible to deliver performance, to grow and allow employees to work optimally.

We are developing solutions for you to perform just as well in the field as in the office, unbound by time, place or site. We want to guide you through the digital transformation and help you to make your company future proof. 

Our mission

Enabling customers in defined sectors worldwide to improve the productivity of their field force by 2030 using our mobile IT solutions. 

  • Everyone grows with us: 100% use/adoption of our tools by the customer: that is our goal. Continual assistance, coaching, training and communication ensure that everyone grows with us and your company succeeds in it’s digital transformation. 

  • On track worldwide: We want high-performing Avento systems in every country in the world.  

  • Growth track: We want to maintain our double-digit growth throughout our journey to 2030.

  • Exploring new horizons: Our customers stay in the lead by continuously keeping a finger on the pulse and implementing new, innovative technologies.

  • Assisting employees on their growth track: We act according to the credo: ‘A satisfied employee promotes Avento in his/her valuable external network.’ Continuous investment in our employees’ knowledge and careers are an inextricable part of that.

Our core values

The following core values are of paramount importance in all our activities:

  • Collaboration: we are dependent on each other when ‘out in the field.’ Mutual understanding, trust and good collaboration are required to obtain results.

  • Creativity: creativity makes the difference in the field; therefore we constantly keep our finger on the pulse and come up with innovative solutions.

  • Openness: open communication creates clarity, a bond and trust, essential to survive and get a head-start.

  • Result-oriented: results count in the field: nothing more, nothing less. We therefore provide our customers with all the tools to accomplish their objectives.

  • Engagement: A partner who gives 100% is someone you can count on. 

Our core team

Tom Moortgat

Tom Moortgat Managing Director

Tom Moortgat

Managing Director

Tom Moortgat
Ann Vandingenen

Ann Vandingenen Finance & Human Resources

Ann Vandingenen

Finance & Human Resources

Ann Vandingenen
Lee Yudhira

Lee Yudhira Operations

Lee Yudhira


Lee Yudhira
Steven Joris

Steven Joris Sales & Business Development

Steven Joris

Sales & Business Development

Steven Joris
Gunther van den Langenbergh

Gunther van den Langenbergh Business Analysis & Project Management

Gunther van den Langenbergh

Business Analysis & Project Management

Gunther van den Langenbergh

Avento’s job is to explore horizons, to be at the forefront of the digital transformation and ensure that our customers are with us on the path and also use our mobile CRM solutions effectively and fearlessly in the field.

We do, however, look beyond the delivery of CRM software. We supply a solution that creates added value for all users provided they are used correctly, efficiently and consistently. We therefore do everything to make that happen. Our solutions give you all kinds of features adapted to the requirements of your business, which can reduce customised work to a minimum so you get off to a quick start. That way you prepare your firm for a mobile future; you work more efficiently, more comfortably, anytime and anywhere.

That’s why you choose Avento! 

Our USPs? 

  • On track, simply and quickly
    User-friendly solution that gets you started quickly and enables 100% adoption. That way you gain speed, efficiency and remain a forerunner in your market and the digital transformation.

  • Wireless but still connected
    Our systems assist you in the field even without connection to the Internet. You can work online as easily as offline with no interruption.

  • No technical obstacles on your path
    Our systems run on all possible operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS) and devices, mobile as well as on your desktop, allowing you to be on your way care free.

  • As explorer, we have in the lead with ‘Future Proof Technology’
    Partnerships with reliable, sustainable partners, exploring new technologies and implementing innovations. We leave the paved roads and make new ones. We work with ‘Future Proof Technology’ that you can rely on today as well as in the future.

  • At the goal in 3 steps
    Using our Avento 3-click algorithm enables you to attain your goal in a maximum of 3 clicks, we guarantee it. Simple, fast, efficient. One has to be fast in the field!

  • We speak your language in the field
    All our solutions are available in 40 languages and are automatically set to the local language. We speak your language in the field! 

Would you like to know more about our approach?

These companies have already chosen Avento

‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating,’ which is why we would like to introduce a number of customers who have already taken the step and chosen us. Customers in diverse sectors, each one a reference in their field. You can find out more about our customers under References

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