Digital Transformation in the Field, 

beyond CRM

Improved customer interaction
with Digital Transformation

Spending more time and improving the quality of your time spent with your customer: the key ingredients for sustainable growth.

The Avento solutions enable you to spend the right time, with the right insight at the right customer.

Always efficient and reliable interaction between the office team and the field team.

In fearless fashion, Avento guides your team through a challenging path of digital transformation and will defy all weathers together with you to accomplish 100% user-adoption.

By means of strategic alliances with Microsoft and Resco and continuous investment in competence, Avento assures Future Proof, innovative technology

Our USP’s

On track, simply and quickly
A pragmatic approach in Digital Transformation, a user-friendly solution that gets you started quickly and enables 100% adoption: That way you gain speed, efficiency and remain a forerunner in your market.
Using our Avento 3-click algorithm enables you to attain your goal in a maximum of 3 clicks, we guarantee it. Simple, fast, efficient. One has to be fast in the field!

As explorer, we take the lead with ‘Future Proof Technology’
Strategic alliances with reliable with Microsoft and Resco, exploring new technologies and implementing innovations. We leave the paved roads and make new ones. We work with ‘Future Proof Technology’ that you can rely on today as well as in the future.

Wireless but still connected
Office team and field team always aligned.
Our systems assist you in the field even without connection to the Internet. You can work online as easily as offline with no interruption.

No technical obstacles on your path
Our systems run on all possible operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS) and devices, mobile as well as on your desktop, allowing you to be on your way care free.

Defying all weathers
Regardless the conditions on your journey, we stand by you through this challenging process of digital change.

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